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mardi 27 septembre 2011

Bye Bye Palo Alto

Between Las Vegas 70.3 WC (11th September 2011) and Kona Ironman WC (8th October 2011): the 15 day stop at Palo Alto in California in the Silicon Valley is over.

A stop dedicated to work and training. I am thanking all EDF R&D, MAI and EPRI colleagues, who have help me to arrange this business visit to EPRI.

Regarding training, many thanks to Jeff from EPRI, to have introduced me to the Masters swimming club of Stanford with its two 50 meter outdoor swimming pools (10 lines each!). Morning training session at 5:30am or at lunch time with blue sky (2 different pleasures!) with their coach Tim (thanks Tim also).
Jeff has also shown me the good place to run around (Stevens Creek Trail towards the bay), as well as for biking with rolling secure roads (Portola or Cañada Roads).

The weather conditions were excellent, between 25 and 30°C (even close to 35°C some days) in the afternoon with Californian blue sky!

Last barefoot training at Stanford (close to the swimming pool), the only trace is the GPS...

The silicon valley skyline from the hill close to Stanford university (starting from north with San Francisco up to south with San Jose).

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